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Stock 2003 XR50

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Ok i need some advice from you guys, I have a stock XR50 2003 and a xtreme with SDG seat, Red Baron MX bars, Works rear shock, and michelin Starcross tyres, and CRF50 style Plastics with Five-0 graphics . Now i'm going to transfer the plastics , seat and Works shock , tyres over oh yeah and BBR gear shifter that i have got aswell. I have about $1200 to spend on engine mods and other mods what would you guys recomend I get for my $1200 ? oh yeah and i have to buy new because i am from the UK and most ebay , 2nd hand items won't ship to UK! also i am about 225lbs :lol: :lol:
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i would say go get a engine stuff like

the takegawa s stage kit (which i think is realy good for the money)

and a good pair of forks...for example the marzocchis...

im from germany and over here we have a marzocchi dealer which sells them 32mm forks but only with the bar mounts for the stock fiddy....

but that shouldnt be a problem to put sumthin between that and mount a mx style bar

the forks there are about 359 euro

if u go with them its ok if u dont wanna take em i would say take a look at over there they have a lot of products ull be able to scroll and look what fits ur needs the best

for forks...look here :

there are a couple of answers
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I have a set of BBR SP-5s and I like them alot, but I've thought about going to the Marzocchi that come with a complete wheel with disk brakes. I would recommend a BBK that comes with a performance head as a matched kit. Atomic 50's has one or go with a R-Stage.
I have seen bad reports on the Attomic BBK so not sure about that , what about extended fork legs and stiffer springs is that worth doing ?
If you don't have a bar kit on it already, you might be better off going with a set of BBR SP-5s for a few bucks more. Start adding up what you'll need and you'll see. I would go with a oil bath fork over pogo sticks. IMO. :D
go buy a TB 88 w/race head and some sp5's or xr70 forks or eveen better sick 50s forks
TrailBikes doesnt ship internationally though. But here is a TrailBikes kit, Minibikeoutlet just calls it a differnt name but it is TrailBikes, and they ship internationally.
hows the powerincrease on that TB...2.5 to how much hp?
Is that deifnatley %100 the TB kit ? does it have any chinese parts ?
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