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stock 110 stuff

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rear/front axcel, swingarm bolt



[email protected]

whats you got laying around, your junk is my treasure :rolleyes:
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i have stock swinger stock shock stock forks front rim i believe
I have the following:

swing arm


forks (will need top nut)

front wheel with brakes and axle (spokes are a little rusty)

yellow tank or black tank


stock jug piston and head and carb (ok shape, took out of a running motor)


probably some more too but that is what i can think of off hand

everything listed for $150 plus actual shipping cost or let me know what you want and i will split
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stock pipe, stock bars, stock seat, stock stock, and stock front spings and damping rods
pee mmm sent.

forget to add lower triple clamp and a few other items left over from 3 or so builds.
I have almost everything to build a vegas stocker with a brandnew 143 stroker motor. PM me if interested

Black Powdercoated Frame

Stock swinger

Compete electrical

Racetech w/ Resi shock

TBR Gray TRiple set w/ Tapered bearings

Stock legs w/ BBR Rods and BBR Springs

Black ProTaper xr50 bars


BBR HD output Shaft w/ 1st Gear

TB 4th gear drum

TB stroker crank

Stock cylinder bored to 143 w/ new gasket kit and rebuild

Stock head with yx150 cam(everything replaced with new in the head besides the casting)

Topend has not been on anything since getting back from SPM Racing
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om talking to you you said that you have klx 110 frame or drz 110 frame
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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