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I'm having problems with my front brakes. I'll try to explain it as best as I could because I really need help on this one.

There's a "stiff" part in my brake levers when I squeeze it. The stiff part feels like the "end" of the piston travel but I don't get as much braking power. When you squeeze some more to get more braking power down, you get past that stiff part, the lever bottoms out and you get abrupt braking. It's more evident when maneuvering the motorcycle below 25 mph. It's the same as speeds above 25 mph, but not as worse (not as "stiff").

It's quite annoying when I'm trying to negotiate traffic because when I grab the brakes and get the brake past that stiff part, the motorcycle "dives" due to hard braking. I can't modulate the brakes at slow speeds.

It just developed this problem this past weekend. I'll be bleeding the brakes this Saturday to see if that fixes it but I still need more ideas just in case bleeding doesn't work.

Additional info = Brake reservoir/pump assembly is low mileage but the brake calipers are still the original ones that came with the bike.
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