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Steering stem bearings?

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How do I put them in? Do I have to take off that bottom peice for the ball bearings? If so how? What else do I have to take off? It came with some crappy instructions.
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UM BMX i think. its not the ball bearing style
if there similar to teh bearings that came out.. i think you wasted your time.. your best bet is some tapered bearings!

well worth the money 40$ for moose bearings and dont regret getting them what so ever!!

one of the better mods on my bike.
yeah there tappered. That is the word im looking for.
I've just replaced the my bearings with the tapered type. Well worth the extra money. You will have to remove the lower race that stays on the shaft. It should be just proud of the top fork clamp thingy so you can gently tap around the overhang and it will come off.
k thanks. Also do I have to take the deals out of the frame lol?
k thats what I was thinking. Thanks guys
Do you happen to have any part numbers on the tapered bearings & races?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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