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can someone post pics of what the stavrons look like? how much are they?
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those are awesome
there is only one word to describe them...badass
Those are sick......too bad they dont come in colors.
incredible work those men have done 8O

is that the stock hub? hows that disk hookup?
stav's are definately awesome, if only i could afford them
how much are they and what do they come with?
Stratos XR/CRF50 SR6 Works Fork Set


Complete fork and clamps


Stavron Motorsports Hydraulic front brake conversion kit


Disc brake (Rotor, Caliper, Brake cable, Brake lever, all little hardware)


I believe hes making a hub for them, I dont know when that will be done though.
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so you could just mount up a wheele with any disk brake and go?
Umm. I don't know to be honest. I think you have to use stock hub .. or a hub that uses stock axle size. I know manwhore mounted a foes one up to it.
i did but i had to make spacers for it not that big of a deal now that i have made them but it kicks ass with or with the foes hub best forks money can buy
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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