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I happen to have an xr50 stator and flywheel and wanted to make it so that it was the equivalent to a 1991-1994 ct70 stator plate. My first inclination is to go and purchase a ricky stator and be done, but even though that produces 90-110 claimed watts, it is all on one channel and not exactly what I want. I want the split of a high power yellow and a lower power white like stock.

So, I purchased some 18AWG magnet wire that will come in the mail. If I wrap the stator as most people do, I can expect about 100 wats of juice coming from one line. I don't really see the point of putting 100 watts on one line.

Anyone every do it differently? Could I, for example, wrap two of the posts and run that as a 50 watt setup and then wrap the other two posts and run that as another 50 w setup? Could I wrap 3 posts and have that as 75w and 1 post as 25w?

There are 4 empty posts on the xr50 stator assembly. If only 1 pole is used to generate power for the coil, I have to think that 1 pole is all that's needed to create a low voltage situation that will be dumped to the rectifer to charge the battery, no? Could I wrap 2 posts and create super juice to run the coil and plug, doubling the spark energy?

Then, use the remaining 3 to create alternating current to run the main lighting circuit. That's the theory anyway, but not sure if odd numbered posts will work either. 2 and 2 makes sense, but does 3 and 1 ? Not sure.

Any thoughts?
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