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Staggered tires - 19" front?

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Does anyone have any pictures of their wheeler with staggered tires like an 18"/19" front and 16" rears? I might got 19"/18" for ride quality but I wanted to see how they looked first. Thanks in advance for any pictures. I'm trying to go 80's atc 250r clone: red with goofy graphics (atc90x), gold anodized rims, bigger front tire. I might even do a 350x'ish headlight set up down the road.
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I'd also like to keep the 7" rims for as much squishy rubber as possible (least amount of plies as well). Probably gonna order up a set of gold anodized wheels from the guy making them in our forum.

18's with staggered rims for the rear?

Duro thrasher 19x8x7 front?

any experience?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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