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This bike had 2 rides on it around the yard by me. I didn't jump anything with it. It was just used as a stocker to cruise around. Never been dropped.

*READ THIS FIRST*Prices DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. I'm only gonna say this once... I will not go lower on prices. I am selling this stuff as cheap as possible. The prices will be given... please do NOT "make offers". I bypassed the haggling by setting the prices low to start with.

SSR70 +1 steel frame, shock, and swingarm. The swingarm is stock honda length. The shock is "ishock length" and rides very nice. Not too heavily or lightly sprung. WILL NOT SPLIT UP! $100 plus shipping

CRF plastic - $20 plus shipping

Black seat - $20 plus shipping

Or buy everything pictured for $130 plus shipping

Fuel tank - $30 plus shipping

Exhaust - $40 plus shipping

Or buy everything pictured for 190 plus shipping

SSR70 front end. Conventional hydraulic forks... 3 inches of travel or so. Disk brakes. 10 inch wheel. Rubber mounted handlebars. Best suited for a child. - $50 plus shipping or I will keep them

SSR70 rear wheel. 10 inch. Honda compatible. Comes with brake drum, sprocket, and axle/nut/spacer/axle adjusters. - $50 plus shipping

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