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ok i am wondering if i should get new sprockets because i got a new swingarm with chain. whenever i ride the bike it sounds like the chain is skipping over some of the teeth on the front sprocket. i looked at an aftermarket sprocket and they have triangle teeth, my bike has almost square. well its obvious i need a new front. i have a pipe and filter and would it be a good idea to go 1 tooth up on the front because i dont have any acceleration. thanks for your help in advance.
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well i have a chain roller, and the way i figured it out is, supercross guys run big rear sprockets for more acceleration. i think 2 rear teeth equals 1 front tooth. and my front sprocket is shot so i was gonna get a new one, and while i was at it i was gonna add another tooth
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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