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Spots to stunt at?

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so yeah as simple as that. where do you guys stunt and what consequence hace you guys got your selve into? im new to the whole stunting part of the 50s?? i got warned that if i didnt leave the lot that they will call security. so i left cause i didnt know what they would do or what trouble it would be for me. So anyone in need your guys input on this.???
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so for a few days i was stuntin at my apartment complex and untill the @$$whole neighbor of mine called the office and said that my stock 50 was too loud and i got banned from my own complex. so now im only allowed to have the 50 in the garage. if anyone from management sees it on the parking lot they said they will kick me out from the complex. So ever since they said that to me, i have made it my goal to stay out late on my ZX6R and come into the complex as loud as i can and point my exhaust to that neighbor that snitched on me while i know he is asleep during daytime and rev my bike like crazy. so far no one has said anything. lol and i ride my 50 somewhere else. lol i like to retiliate:
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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