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Speed Cam

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Anyone running the fast 50s speed cam ? it it worth the money, how are the gains ? and is this one the best cam to run

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ya i have that cam, it works pretty good. it gives a noticable difference every where, but especialy on top. i used it with a ported head, 70 carb/intake(ported), and foam air filter, its a great combination, gives excellent top end for a 50cc!
I think Kitaco's cam works better . we have tryed both and the Kitaco defently adds more pony's . and it is only $75.00 instead of $150.00 for the speed cam
hey skindoner is there a core charge ? and will this help with the low end ?
Nope no core charge .and yes it helps all across the power band
whats the instalation entail 8O , i don't know where to start ...should i just pay a mechanic ? or is it easy ?
what about timing and is there a cam chain?
yes that is 2 of the nine bolts put it at top dead center the cam gear bolts should point front to back not up and down mark it and put it back the same way very easy
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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