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sp5's what is the corect oil hight????

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what is the corect oil hight???? :?
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3 oz in each leg, less or more.
We just changed it in my buddies.

It was exaclty 3oz from BBR but they felt to soft.

He's running 4oz of 15w fork oil and they feel awesome. THey don't blow through the travel as fast now.
iv got harder springs in them so what wght oil should i use?
how much do you weigh?

how big do you go?

how stiff do you like it?
where did you get stiffer springs for your sp5 at? I am 210lbs and they are a little soft for me.
they come from bbr with 3.8 oz of 10w. . .i upped mine to 4 oz of 30w and they feel better to me
ok i am 210lbs and i go bigg so whats best for me? i got the stiffer springs from bbr for i think $30 i could be wrong on the price tho just call them up
4+oz of 30 wt.

i dont know the max, but as much as possible
eagle how heavy is your friend??
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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