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SP-5's, I-Shock and Stock Swingarm; will it be level????

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I got SP-5's on the way, and I have the I-Shock already. Am I going to need an aftermarket swingarm to level the bike out?? Anyone with experience on this issue?
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I have BBR forks, there the ones before they were SP-5 and have 4" of travel and I have a LE ishock in the rear. My bike sits basically perfectly level. A swingarm would make it sit perfect not to mention make the shock work better.
Essentially, if you can afford it, get a swingarm, but it will work with stock. Id love to get a Five-0 swingarm but cant afford one right now, just got done spending 1grand on the 50 as it is.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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