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- I havent taken mine apart yet , but there is usually a round spring type clip on top of the seal that needs to be removed .

- Then you need to remove the bolt on the bottom side of the fork leg . - Then you will need to pull the chrome tube out of the lower fork leg to get the seal out .

:arrow: - Note (1) : To get the chrome tube out , you will need to pull it out in a slide hammer type motion as you need to dislodge the seal from the lower fork leg using the chrome tube guide bushing under the seal to force the seal out .

:arrow: - Note (2) :If you try too many times to ram the seal out with out any luck you may also mess up the guide bushing !

:arrow: - Note (3) : Before even trying to get the seal out you will need to first remove the fork spring and drain the oil .

Hope this helps .:D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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