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With my son now being 6, he started asking for a dirt bike a few months back. Looking for a Honda 50, for obvious reasons, I was given a 1986 Suzuki JR50 for free. It was in rough shape, but perfect for a kid to learn on before getting a nice bike.

It really needed some attention, so the hunt was on for parts.......but those are limited to stock really. So the bike has slowly evolved, but still very much in mock up stages.

Honda 50 +1 forks
Honda 50 wheels
Two speed mod
Custom swing arm
Rock Shox pneumatic shock with full adjustment and lock out
Top end, carb, grips, cables, etc....

Been reading the forum a lot lately, and finally joined due to an issue with another bike.
Any how, heres the JR......


15 Posts
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Thanks guys, it's been a pleasure and nice to see a forum still kicking with helpful members. ??

Next order of business, besides finishing fabrication on the swing arm, is to try and refinish the tank or modify one from a newer JR. We shall see.

Then I plan to modify an exhaust pipe. The stocker was/is in rough shape. I literally scooped oil build up out of it, after cutting it in half. Damn thing wouldnt run.

Then down the road, I'll chuck the cylinder up on the lathe and bump compression. Theres TONS of meat that could be removed to boost the power output. ?
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