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South Carolina Riders?

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Where do you live at in sc?And where do you ride most of the time?
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i live in charleston and i ride at a pretty cool place on folly road behind walmart. you?
Goose Creek in the House !!!

Places to ride

Harleyville Motocross Park

Battery Park - Kingstree

Pineville Motocross

North Rhett & Red Bank at the BMX track

Oakley Road - Moncks Corner

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I'm on Folly. Just got a pit bike, had big bikes all my life. Anyway, I'm looking for somewhere to ride. Like I said, new to the whole thing and don't see many around here.
I hit up Harleyville Motocross this past Wednesday. Thinking about taking the

motovert to Pineville MX tomorrow morning, Saturday around 10:00 ish. You ought to fine the place behind Walmart on Folly Road. Let me know if it's worth coming over from Goose Creek.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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