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something more

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hey...i love my 50s power..its a 75..tb 20 mil carb...i've got the rev box...i have a pipe...but i need an edge...i dont know what, i was thinking a diff airfilter and a breather kit would help...i dont wanna do anything crazy, what do u guys think i should get.
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that should keep you in the 100 dollar range.

damn caps lock sry.
ya,def get a Uni filter, RC lightened flywheel, and ALSO get a good cam. That will help it out so much more
you could look into a head and a high compression piston for that. a manual clutch will make your power more accesible. a air filter is something you should have gotten a long time ago. crower power cams are fast too.

anything else?
i've had a uni on it since it was stock...i was thinkin maybe a filter that allowed more air though
UNI's ARE the best. But definetly get a lightened flywheel and a nice big cam, you wont beleive how much a difference the cam will make.
what kind of cam do u guys recommend
Crower if they make one for the 75 kit.

Port your head.

Get a inner rotor or a lightened flywheel.
Definetly Crower, just call them and ask what the biggest cam they have available for a stock head is, and also porting it out will help alot as well.
depends on your budget if you can afford it inner rotor, a cam would be a good idea, and some porting, i really recomend a manual clutch too,
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