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Someone with a x4 do me a favor

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Im putting my motard together and the rear caliper looks like it rubs the rotor on the inside. Can someone look if thats normal. I know its floating but i would think there would be a little clearance between the rotor and caliper.
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The rear wheel was already assembled but how should the spacers go. The drive side spacer looks alot bigger than the right side spacer. I was thinking either putting a washers on the caliper mount bolts or trimming down the spacer and the put a washer between the caliper mount and the swingarm.
Ya just trim the spacer, you dont want your brake dragging slowing you down when you want to go.
On my 2006 x2 , I had to shim out both front and rear calipers so the wouldn't touch the rotors .
Dont cut your spacers, shim the caliper with some washers. I had to do the same on my bike.
Thanks for the help guys. Not quite as ready to go as I thought (needed numerous bolts, washers). The shock was a pita to mount due to the bolt being to long but once its all together i think it will be pretty nice.
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