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Just some stuff takin up space.

I've got a newer Traxxas e-maxx. This is the 16.8v version not the 14.4. Completely waterproof. comes with two vemon stick packs. This truck is ready to go. The front bulk heads, bumper and skidplate were shattered last winter. I tagged a pole in my back yard. The truck still functions as it sould just needs a few parts if you want it in OE condition. i probably payed around $400 + for the truck and batteries i'de like $300 obo for it. plus shipping if need be.

Next i have a couple year old Haro bmx bike. It has s&m 24 bars on it. and a set of park pegs on the back. god only knows what i spent on this thing new probably too much :p. i'de like $250 for the bike. i'de be willing to ship it as long as i can find a box big enough ;)

If any ones looking for a N64 i've got one of those too ide get rid of cheap. only good game i think i have for it is madden tho.

I've got some other r/c stuff odds and ends around too just give me a shout i may have it. thanks
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