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Some Stock parts/Dress up Kit/uni pancake filter for sale

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-Stock ported head off my 05 Drz 110 with TB race cam.(can b used for stock or race head)(new) make offers

-Brand New Red dress up kit for klx head. comes with cam cover and top and bottom tappet covers..(thought it would fit my yx head but doesnt)..brand new never used..$55+shipping

-Stock carb with choke n everything you need to bolt up and ride. not sure wat its worth so make offers

-Uni Pancake filter(Stock carb) used twice then got a 26mm carb so it wouldnt fit..$14+shipping

-Stock top tripple clamp, no scratches,perf cond.. 14+shipping

-Stock front forks redone w/ Stiffer springs n oil..make offers

prices posted are pretty firm make offers on others

if you want better pics pm me, sorry my camera phone sux


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noone needs some feal forks n some nice parts..
Brand new red dress up kit..someones gotta need some fresh parts
Brand new red dress up kit. TB race cam for stock or race head..some stock feal forks in perf cond...someones gotta need some fresh parts
1 - 5 of 5 Posts