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Some import stuff...

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-selling an rcm frame (never used): $120

-staggs oil cooler, exact replica of the takegawa one, i had some oil leaks b/c the orings were bad, but im sure new orings and its good: $30

-rcm graphics on ufo plastics(not ebay crap), no real scrathes bubbles or anything like that also throw in the rcm fork guards(new): $50

let me kno if ur interested in anything

email [email protected] or PM me


pics to come
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oil cooler gone

let me kno about the other stuff tho!

the frame isnt just for an rcm,

just as an ex. i kno that ssr and rcm were made in the same factory in china.

fits all kinds of imports as well as domestic bikes.
i thought this frame had a subframe too, so either i cant find it or i never had a spare one, either way its just $100 now.

heres a pic, silencer not included haha, just there for the balancing

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someone wanted it, and ofered $125 for it and i would express it($23), but i never got an address, i asked for it and i dont think hes been online.

i mean hopefully he still wants it.


when ever i see rider34 as the last person to post on one of my threads i get nervous now hahaha
white. no cracks or stress marks.

i have a bad phone pic of them, ill put it up right now

sorry about the quality

i just havent unbolted these from the front of the bike

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$100 for that one.

and im set all my prices at the lowest i can feasably go.

sorry man, but $100 is bottom low.

and its the same style frame as the other one, just not modified.

$100 plus shipping if needed, and its urs.
im a kid im 11 i wont to build a bike and if you give the frame to me plus shiping
why does it say ur 23??

and i serioulsy cant just be giving stuff away.

when i was like 13 i worked my ass off washing cars and stuff like that so i could build my xr50. seriously detailing cars pays, see if u can do that and save, thats what i did. ended up dumping like 2k+ into my xr50, and that was from working and birthday/christmas money.

i dont have richass parents that bought me the best 50 stuff around (like i kno a few of u one here have...haha, if ur a kid and have a perimeter 110 or with a built as hell motor ur way lucky and spoiled, not to start crap but thats my beleif)
xr 50 racing said:
im a kid im 11 i wont to build a bike and if you give the frame to me plus shiping

rider34 said:


sorry dude, but its $100. not droppin any of my prices, and im especially not givin anything away.

i need the money for my truck project or to built a 110 of my own.
-rcm frame $110 shipped

-ufo plastics w/ rcm graphics $60 shipped

and im pretty sure the frame is the same as an ssr frame seeing as how they were assembled in the same factory in china.

let me kno.

ufo plastics retail for like $115 (atleast on fasterminis they do, but im sure other prices are close to that)

together $150 shipped

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frame and plastics are still up.

my practice motor. its basically a stock rcm 120cc motor with a kitaco inner rotor(they claim it can rev to 15000rpm) and a Standard cam (good for +1hp). so the motor should be around 9hp. no ign cover, i only have one that i swap back and forth from the race motor to this one and that cover goes with the race motor, however i may be able get one. includes the wiring.

hoping for $200. motor mounts were also custom reemed to 3/8" so that grade 8 bolts can be used. and the footpeg mount was drilled out and helicoils were installed. these mods make it a lot stronger than stock or even jap stuff. bolts included.

still got the stock frame(100) and plastics(50) up for sale, so PM me if ur interested in anything!
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