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soft seat foam?

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where can you get a soft tall seat foam at?
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The Two Brothers seat foam isn't to bad. The CEET seat foam is as hard as a rock though.
the bbr complete seat is supposed to be pretty soft, and its cheaper then getting the stuff seperatly.
cyclerider57 said:
The Two Brothers seat foam isn't to bad. The CEET seat foam is as hard as a rock though.

Agreed, CEET seat foam is made out of recycled bricks, I swear it! I heard the BBR seat foam is pretty soft.
I have the 2 Bros seat foam and I like it. I think its just right. The problem with the BBR seat is that the BBR patch on that back falls off and makes your seat look like crap.
im sure vince a.k.a (skindonor) has some pm him he will hook u up
my sdg seat is soft but then again my friend has the same seat and its like sitting on bricks, so i dunno which is the norm
Five-0 seat foam is real soft, much softer than Fast 50s or SDG which are the harder seat foams out there.
I have the Five O seat foam and its nice and soft for sure!
yea i have a fast 50 seat and its hard my boy has a sick 50 seat and its nice
i have the bbr and yes it very soft probly the softest and no the patch does not fall off i ride in jeans and mx pants and shorts and i move around on the seat more in one ride that the rest of this site in one year
if you can get a hold of the tall seat foam extremes have it is soft!
my sdg seat is like bricks.the guts foam is soft.
My butt is hurting from my SDG right now as I sit in my computer chair. Do they ever get broken in and soften up?
All seat foams will soften up, but it will probably take a while, especially for a 50.
I swear my CEET tall seat foam is as hard as it was the day I bought it. I have had it over a year and its still like 2x4's. I got used to it after a while. Since it doesn't let you sit down in it you are sitting taller than most tall seat foams. I don't think I would trade it if I could (probably say something different if I had just been riding for 2 hours). Anyway I feel I have more control of the bike with it because I am sitting on the seat rather than in it.
yea guys i think i just got lucky, my sdg is acually fairly soft aint it anthony, i mean compared to my other friends its like a pillow, mine came like already broken in
ya you got lucky, based on yours i would want to get one, but from what everybody else is saying about them, i would rather go with the bbr.
Plus, BBR has a sweet seat cover because it is totally plain and has no tag on it at all.
If your seat is hard do what Ricky Carmichael's old mechanic Chad Watts did, take a knife and poke some small holes in the top of the seat and put the cover back on, you can also drill small holes if its serious. There is all kinds of different seat variations the pro riders use. Chad Reed uses a step up type of custom seat to keep him in "the saddle" and Kdub uses strips from extra seats to creat a ribbed effect for his pleasure. Anyways hope this helps.
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