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So is there going to be a 2014 MMSX?

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...inquiring minds want to know!
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i hope, i have 3 bikes for 3 classes i want to race
I'm in the same boat. I really hope there is more. Really enjoyed racing. Missed the last two years due to unforeseen circumstances and I sure hope I didn't miss out on the last one ever.
just talked to lance from mmsx , he will know in 2 weeks he said ,, that is some good news ,at least he didnt come right out and say NO ! the inside scoop from 2up ....
Damn it hope that comes back even better news. Guess I new to get off my ass and get my bike fixed now.
So, any word yet?
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Not what he is referring too. Nowhere on their site or Minimoto's site does it actually say that 2014 will be happening.
It's says for 2014 and that it's at Orleans arena again, seems pretty clear to me. If it's not "minimoto" it sounds like it'll be the same thing hosted by them
Good to hear/see. When I checked their site right after it was posted here that they took over their site didn't mention Vegas.
I wish someone would say when the race will be.
I swear I didn't wanta post this. I was told yes it was gona happen. I was told by a solid source. I asked months ago BC I plan a week of vacation around this race. I'm planning on going and setting $ aside already. The people who put this race on need to chime in and say yeah and get it together so guys wanting to go can plan ahead. I can tell u. I raced Vegas last yr and will go back every year I can to race it again. Its def a fun race and u get to meet the guys on here out there. I was told the reason they had not said anything was BC they did not know the Vegas sx dates yet and the race is always the same weekend as the sx. That was months ago. More Texas riders are gona try to make the trip.
That sounds like a janky excuse from them man. Vegas SX is always the same weekend pretty much and tickets usually go on sale right after the previous season ends so there ain't no way they don't know what the dates are yet.
I agree that somebody dealing with this race needs to chime in. If it ain't going to happen then they just need to say so. Feels wrong to be dragged on like this. I also plan vacation around this race so it's hard to sit and just wait.
Anybody have some new information on this yet? Getting very disappointing the closer we get to the new year.
Schaefer Tracks has been designated as the track builder for the MMSX.
We've heard that, except that no websites have been updated to give a date. The email address for the MMSX website is not active. Apparently non of the sponsors know anything. So if Schaefer really is building a track then they are doing a damn good job of ensuring nobody will be there to race it.
So sad. Minimoto is officially done. Front page of their website.

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