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So is there going to be a 2014 MMSX?

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...inquiring minds want to know!
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Has this been posted anywhere that they are for sure having minimoto for 2014?
Besides on here. Minimoto website and Schaefer tracks do t say anything.
I'm not trying to start any rumors, but here is some info I found online. If there is a minimoto, I wonder if it will be back at South Point?

Monster Energy Supercross
Saturday May 3rd,_NV/

AmsOil Arenacross
Saturday-Sunday May 3rd-4th (4th is amateur day)
Sout Point Arena,_Nevada/

Date?????? (so far it sounds like it wont happen)
Location??? (possibly Sout Point since the arenacross is there)
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Koby- I will pre pay for a race in Cali.
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1 - 4 of 77 Posts
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