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I have this z50 replica clone knockoff whatever I have been messing with for the last 10 years. I am currently at this state in the pic below. 110 Lifan e start with a xr 75 or something or other swing arm on it along with ct70 after market rear shocks. I have a disk brake front end with hydraulic forks I just put on and not shown in pic.. I have a set of these china 10" Monkey bike wheels shown below as well just not on it yet. I bought them locally and they came with a with a old 1978 z50 roller frame to build for my 9yr old son using my stock 8" wheels

These aftermarket wheels seem to be 3" ish wide on the inside on both. I'd like to do a little wider in the rear and narrower in the front. Any Ideas on what size tires would safely work with that? This bike is tagged for the street and will run about 50mph with the stock 8" wheels now with the ancient Chinese tires that it came with. I'd like to use the 10" wheels if I can. With some modern (new rubber) Any Ideas on front and rear tire sizes for these 10" wheels?

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