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skindonner's forks?

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does anyone have information on these forks????


when will they come out????
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i dont know for sure but i dont think he is making his own forks but i could be wrong
he doesnt have any of his own forks yet as far as I know, the ones in that picture are sik50 similar forks that he got from china, if you want some I think he is selling the legs for 100$ (if he has any left).
Vince is making some inverted forks, ETA is 1 year so keep on waiting. :evil:
yes he's makin some, he was actually talkin to the tripe clamp guy a few days ago, i think its takin awhile cuz the plans hwere in chinese or somethin!!, they are going to be simialar to the sick50 forks, and the price is gonna be fairly reasonable, im ont sure what the retail price is gonna be tho, i know im gonna get a set of these fo sho
yes I'am making forks too .

Yes I will have inverts early next year
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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