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why is the sik50 $5500 while the sdg mini is $2400 ?
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Because the sik50 is really high quality and they back there product!
SDG is more along the lines of a Xtreme. Sik50 is very high quality, but usually a heavy price tag to go a long with it. Same for BBR, and the other aftermarket manufactuers that are producing 50s with thier aftermarket prices.
breakinspokes said:
you get what you pay for.

yea......i agree

the sik50 bike comes with the best of the best. well almost. if it was the best of the best it would be twice the price at least. but to compare the two is like comparing apples to oranges. by far the sik50 bike is WAY better.
But there comes a time that you have to ask yourself. Is it really worth twice as much money? What type of riding/racing will I be doing? All of these things should be considered when comparing these two.

Seriously racers may want to opt for the Sik50 bike. Chances are it will withstand more of a beating, and have a little better suspension. The SDG on the other hand is probably a great bike for the money, but if your racing you maybe put into a higher end class because of the larger motor. Depending on your local track rules, of course.

For just a play bike, with light track duty the Sik50 seems like overkill. You could almost buy two SDGs. One for you, and one for your friend so you have someone to ride with. :wink: :twisted:
SDG bikes and the likes of them are copies of what the major aftermarket companies build when they build complete bikes. the only problem is that they look good and may have a decent motor but to get them to ride and handle like the Big boys originals, you have to upgrade to the expensive parts they left off. Key items being forks & shock. and the disc brakes look like something off of a big rig truck they are so huge. The poor functioning forks and humungous brake calipers probably add 15 pounds to the bike. Man that bike is heavy, especially the front end. I have heard good things about the motor and the thing would really rip if you put it on a major diet.
the guys at sik50 tune their bikes to perfection before they get sold, pretty much a perfectly built custom bike.

i thought that the price was high till i felt/saw how sik the bikes really are.
Put it this way, the SDG is like buying a stock Harley and then the Sik 50's bikes are like going out and getting a custom made chopper from West Coast Choppers. They're of a way higher quality and you get what you pay for.
I have to agree... I was there last week for the first time , and you just have too see a sik50s bike up close . 8O . I have to say , knowing what Ive put into my bike , they are worth every penny . SDGs are very cool for the money , but its still not the real thing in my opinion . 8)
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