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Should You Run An Oil Cooler On A Tb108 Stroker With Pe24

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should you run an oil cooler on a tb108 stroker with pe24 carby and pro circuit pipe???
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I just took mine off to have the tabs welded I don't plan on putting it back on, as I live in northern ny and my bike does not get hot enough to where I feel it needs one .....its the trail bikes one with stainless press fitted lines, il make ya a deal if ya wanna buy it from me ..
I had it on the exact same setup as you .....
Or you could just buy the new bottom mount plate or mark one, up too you its in great shape. 60 bucks shipped, will need the cover the lines run into tho because that I kept and is still on my bike
You don't have to, but it can't hurt to add one on.
I took mine off, never seemed to get overly hot. just keep your jetting on the richer side
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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