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Will a new chromoly frame make that much difference?

I don't do a lot of big air jumps ~ most of my riding consists of fast technical trail riding with short drops and jumping in between; so will a new chromoly frame make a difference I can actually feel? (in terms of frame flex and stiffness). I only weight about 145lbs, and don't really pound my bike as hard as some of those guys who jump 50' gaps to flat (I'm too old... my bones don't heal as fast as they did :cry: )

My current bike configuration:

-88cc kit with ported head

-BBR SP5 fork with Hayes 8" disc

-Storm swingarm w/ Fox RC shock

-Stock hub and rims

-other misc stuff...

I just want to make sure it's an investment that will pay off. What do you guys think? Any advice or experience with; would be greatly appreciated!
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