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should i buy it?

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2000 xr70..running at one point in time..owner decided to put an 88 kit on it then got distracted and finances got tight..been sitting for a good while now motor still torn apart..bare frame (wheels suspension and handlebars still attatched roller style :D) ..wants 200 for it ...well..what would yall do? sayin helllllsss yeah haha ..just lookin for some other opinions :rolleyes:
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Yup. Watch the swingarm pivot area. I've seen wobbled out holes in those frames. Not too bad to fix, if you have a lathe and welder.
if its not wore out should i get it?..i have a picture of the frame but nothing up close..i can put the links up let ya check it out
Kick the tire side to side. If it doesn't move much, it's fine. The suspension and engine are worth the $200, so buy it anyway.
lol yeah .i used to have that wobbling problem on my 97 ..frames are the same still i think?..hows that motor look from your view point?
I'd try to get it lower. Gotta buy bodywork.

From the looks of the clutch/sling screws and possible tube-a-gasket, I'd look over everything closely before slapping it together.
got ya..yeah i was going to attempt to talk down a little from 200..i could atleast rebuild and it be a good beater bike final answer firepower..yeah or no?..he claims he thinks it was having carb issues before he went to rebuild it..i need to talk with him to find out more info too.just going off the post on my local motorcycle forum
oh and he has alll body work sorry just didnt post the pics
Yeah, I'd say it's a decent deal if the arm's tight and you're willing to hunt down the bodywork, and can go through the carb and engine.
only thing im worried about is getting it and it being a problem riddled motor as he said it was supposedly having carb problems when he took it apart to put an 88 kit and new carb on it..i still have my stock carb i could use but it might be more problems than a carb
Engine's apart. Address any issues before buttoning it up. I'd even split the cases to check gears and shift forks. An extra couple hours up front can save a LOT of frustration once it's in and you're trying to run it.
yeah..its about a 3 hour drive to go inspect it ...but its tempting..could be an unridden jewel :) ..a fun beater bike to throw together and ride when i dont wanna ride my 97 in motard setup so instead of swapping rims and tires for dirt trim..i can just swap bikes hahahah :D
what are you waiting for already go get that diamond in the rough
well lets see if anyone has something to say about this..come to find out the kids that had it before the owner who has it now rode the bike without an airbox/airfilter at all..and the baffel out of the exhaust..then he gets it and puts a uni filter but still thinks there is a carb issue with the bike..not sure why..i have asked that also so we will see..but im sure running a bike with NO filter at all is bad
Hell yeah buy that bitch! Or i
for 200 you could easily sell the parts for more
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