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I have an 88cc big bore kit on my ATC 70. It was running great but after setting for a little while throttle was cutting off mid range so decided to pull the carb off and clean it.
I noticed the long skinny jet was clogged so I blew it out with air compressor and then used carb spray to clean the rest. I usually don't blow air into the carb but I did this time just to do clear anything else I couldn't see.
Put the carb back together and returned the needle settings to the same place.

As soon as I start the bike it screams at WOT. No matter how I adjusted the needles, it will NOT idle down. I'm wondering if I blew something out of the carb when I cleaned it???

I know the carb on my ttr50 has a small sleeve in there that I almost lost once doing the same thing but luckily saw it fly out.
I didn't see anything fly out to f the PZ20 when I hit it with air but I don't understand whats going on. Was running great last week and ran decent right before I cleaned it.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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