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Nice job.✌ (y)What engine is in it? Give us the details.
Hi, sorry for the short information, I tried to edit the post.
Here are general tech details.
-Engine is a 125cc kind of a Lifan clone in black, manual shift-one down three up found it very cheap few months ago on ebay.
-Inverted front for system bought it in china thru Aliexpress, wheels (rims are 12") alloy, handle and few other parts found them on Webike in Japan. the rest the typical ebay stuff and lowes.
-I used from the original bike only the frame, rear hub, rear swing arm, seat (it was all broken/rusty) and fenders I think.
-Custom paint semi flat.
-I customized wire harness to work with my desing of lights, turn lights, tach, added a neutral sensor, also built a small 3Ah Li-FE Battery, LEDs for headlight and rear, CDI and voltage regulator. Also made the basquet for the battery/cdi and flasher.
Let me know any other question...have a good night. D.

here are some pictures of the electrical design.
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