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Heres some info on VP U-4:

How much octaine does it have: In most states the highest pump octaine is 91 ULTIMATE-4 rates as 97 octaine more important is that is motor octaine rates as 92 octaine. ( the motor octaine is the ANTIKNOCK properties of gas under full throttle.) this number is always lower than the RON number the Research octaine number the ANTIKNOCK at half throttle.

Is ULTAMATE-4 leaded: YES the lead boosts the octaine without deluting the componants in gasoline to make the most power.! Unleaded pump gas is compromized between octaine and power lack of lead and other ingredients used to cut emissions actually hurts engine preformance.!

Is lead good for valves: Its not needed today 4 strokes use a different material today in valves, and a special seat to run Unleaded gas.

Does ULTIMATE-4 make more power: YES it delivers the same strong combustion on a stock 2 stroke as it does on a stock or modified 4 stroke

Does ULTIMATE-4 run cooler: YES ULTIMATE-4 flashes off more efficiantly than pump gas the average 4 stroke exhaust temp is 1200 degrees it will be 100 degrees lower running ULTIMATE-4 cooler is better.

Storing ULTIMATE-4: in a steel can only plastic containers over time will weaken the race gas.

Do you have to REJET your carb: NO You can just pour it in your tank the engine will imediatly become more responsive and faster. It will not harm O-rings, Gaskets,or anyother engine componants " according to the people at VP".

I can not say the same for any other RACE GASES. But It seems That this ULTIMATE-4 is good to run in your bike
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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