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SGR oil cooler, how much more oil to run??

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I am putting a Staggs oil cooler on my 108, Honda bottom of course. How much more oil should I run?

I was thinking 100 ml?
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Good question Bump
what if you fill up the oil cooler then see how much comes out... i would prolly do that if i didnt know what to put in :)
I Just Put A Staggs Cooler On My Bike. I Filled It To Full On The Dipstick, Started The Engine And Let It Idle For A Minute. Shut It Off And Let It Sit For A Few. Checked The Dipstick Again And Topped It Off. Did You Have To Grind Down The Cam Stop On The Head Plate? I Have A Trailbikes Head And Cam And When I Put The Plate On The First Time It Locked Up The Motor.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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