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I know Nick told me not to post this anymore, but i need the money, and the gun needs an owner. I havnt used it in 2 years. Im asking $475.00 or best offer. This will be the last time i post this.

its a 2001 WGP Autococker with:

3000psi 68cu ncarbon wrapped nitro tank (glass coated)

20oz C02 tank

6+1 pack with 4 tubes that hold 100 paintballs each


blue JT flex 7 ice mask

coiled remote with on-off switch

9volt loader


carrying case

the gun has a new 12 inch DYE Boomstick, ANS quick pull bolt, ANS 3-way, blue tubes, ANS quick fire 45. aluminum trigger frame, ANS beavertail

the gun is awesome but i cant afford to use it at the field anymore beucase i end up putting all my money into my 50.

if your interested PM me, i have a bunch more pics. Thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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