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seat foam and suspension

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hey guys wats up?? im really getting into the 50 scene and hav put a couple bucks into my 50 already. justed wanted 2 no ur guys opinions on the taller seat foam. Does it really make a difference? and also how big do u guys (or would you guys) jump on only stiffer fork springs and stiffer rear shock. thanks
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I just got a taller seat and yes it makes a huge difference to me! Much more comfy to ride now! Guess I should mention it's a BBR seat. The ones I've heard like below are pretty hard.
yea it does make a big improvment in the comfort division...if you need i have stock forks with stiff springs and +1 lowers for sale, and a rear shock with heavy duty spring. i will sell cheap, give me an offer
i have stock seat and my friend has and sdg and i would say there is no difference, there both rock hard. but if you get something like a bbr seat it would be able more comfortable.

and you could jump pretty decent one stiff springs but cromo fork legs r a good idea the first think that might give out tho depending on how big u go is ur frame.
i have a sdg seat and i like way more than the stocker cuz it aint super tall like flat from fender to gas tank, it helps since u sit down most the times anyways and it will prevent u from leaning back on the throttle cus ure arms r way higher than ure head.

I have heard the stiffer springs r nicer i couldn't tell u cuz i have never had stockers for that long maybe a month.
springs are a must if you leave the ground, at all.

seats are cool but i really dont sit that much, or let all my weight be on the seat. a prob. with the seats is there narrow at the top so it spreads your cheeks, uncomftorble imo.
i like the sdg because the shape of it is better than the bigger phomes, they dont ride up your ass like the bigger seat phomes do. i also like the sdg because you dont sink into the seat like you do on the other ones, so when you are racing its quicker to get off the seat if you need to, i dont know if minei s normal but mine isnt really that stiff like everyone sasys they are, my fgriends is real stiff, but mine isnt that bad
I was never too big on seats.. but after riding at the lake in some trails and stuff, and a little track all day long i got damn sore. My BBR is nice, not too grippy, sit a bit forward and it's nice and soft for just riding.
I dislike the big seats. They make the 50 look alot bigger, and whats the whole point behind riding a 50? Becuase they're small. When you get a new frame and swingarm and forks and the nadd the tall seat foam they start looking close to 80's and then why didn't you just buy an 80 in the first place.
i dont see why ppl think the sdg is soo hard and sometimes to the point it hurts..i recently got mine and i absolutely love it, it feels just like a regular mx seat and the hardness is just right...the bbr and fiveo stuff is soo soft u sink almost back to stock height...just my .02
i have a sano tall seat and its nice. the only bad thing is that after the whole day of riding, it sinks in a tad, but then in like 30 mins its back to normal. the stock seat makes you feel cramped and when i got my tall seat, i sat like 2 or 3 inches taller. the tall seat is well worth the money.

my cousins freind, sheldon riggs, has a 35 foot freestyle ramp in his backyard and we hit it all day long. the ramp is built for his 250 but you can still hit it on a fiddy third gear pinned. i dont even have front fork springs either.

i have an 85 and the seat height is like 2 and a half feet taller than my fiddy, and the power difference isnt even comparable... even with a 124cc.
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