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SDG Speed mini

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Anybody hear anything else on the new SDG Speed mini 107cc??? My cousin is debating on whether to go the extra $$ for the SDG instead of a stock 50 that he will end up spending more in the long run on parts. Do you think it will be a reliable bike? They should be hitting showrooms in a few weeks i think.
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i checked them out up at indy,everything looks good except for the footpeg mounts,they look a little cheesie.when i threw a leg over it and sat down everything felt didnt have that cheesie feel,that you get from some machines LATER JC
before u buy anything u should check out rc motorsports new bikes he just came out with they are 86cc motor 4speed cluch and has suspention aftermarket rims hevy duty spokes and u can choose if u want a i shock or a works shock and its only like a couple hundren more than a stock i would say these bikes would be the best for the money

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ya, Skindonors new bikes definitely look sweet and they sound like a very good deal.
how much for the RCbike ??????????

that bike is hotttttttt
who can i get in touch with about ordering that bike? I like it alot.
No chromemoly frame but it is reinforced to be as strong as chromemoly.

you can contact me at 909-674-5123 ask for Vince

this bike will be sold nation wide there are now 5 sales people in the west territory getting the dealers setup and the east will be in the next 2 weeks or so
hey skin have u looked intoo importing them too the uk ? im sure people here would be intoo them .just a thought .
that bike is so sick how much hp is it and how much would i cost to ship it to ct
Man Cam are you going to tell on me ?? :lol: :lol:

Beleive it or not those forks came off my old Dobber clunker the tripples are very close but I'am changing them for production ( the top tripple will clamp around the forks instead of bolting on the top) and the swingarm is a XR70 with the same mods Sik 50's did but our is 2.5 inches over and the brake rod and break stop were change so I can add our disc set up

( this will be availble soon after the bike and it will work on a XR/CRF50) .

Cam I had to go with perfection :wink:

PS. check out the thread for the RC bikes in the Roost erea it will give you who to contact thanks
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Same swing arm as an xr70, looks like it came off an xtreme (chain adjusers to the front) along with the bar mounts, etc, etc.
Bandit164 said:
Same swing arm as an xr70, looks like it came off an xtreme (chain adjusers to the front) along with the bar mounts, etc, etc.

Yes, but I will almost guarantee that Vinces bikes will be waaaaay better than extremes, and that pic is not even of the final version of the bike, hes still gonna change a few things.
So how much is shipping to CT?????? that bike is so hottttt
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