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I bought a 2012 150cc Vespa wannnbe that had never been ridden. The motor was used in another scooter that the guy had blown the motor in. So the blown motor was "Rebuilt" and put in mine. The scooter guy never finished putting the bike back together and over the next 3 years, parts just kept getting used for other scooters.

When I bought it last week my "junk yard dog" husband began replacing all the missing pieces and we got it running. The timing has been off since it first started but it was drivable. Now it is getting impossible to drive. It surges so bad I have to keep both brakes engaged yet it wants to die so I have to really keep the RPM's up.

Now the guy says he'll try rebuilding it again? Do you think that will solve it? My husband thinks it's electrical...maybe the magneto? Could it just be the timing is that out of whack?

Please help!
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