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Some of you veteran guys might remember my Aprilia RS50 build from back in 04.

I wanted to share it with you guys. I took a stock Aprilia RS50 and shoehorned a YZ426 engine in it. I just did a writeup on it and have a video also. I know this is long but very informative if you want to know what it takes to build something like this :thumbsup:



Full writeup


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It went to a guy named Ed Greeley in Colorado. I saw it go back up for sale a few years ago. I'm not sure where it is now but I would love to know. I miss that bike.

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Not quite as impressive but I just found this one on Craigslist:


Up for grab is a rare Aprilia RS50 street plated w/ a 98 KX125 engine swapped!!!!! this thing scream n get noticed everywhere u go. I'm 180# w/ full suit and it's pushes 80 mph on freeway.

mod are: 98kx125 w/ recent top n cab cleaned.

Brembo front caliper ( stock)

Cremica rear caliper ( missing pad n retainer)

AFM 520 DID chain n sprocket

stock pipe n chamber but gutted so really really LOUD STROKER

Premix not injector mix!!! Bottle tank still there.

new spark plug

new Uni air filer

new throttle cable

new clutch cable

both front & rear tire are 90%

condition: This stroker starts up 2nd or 3rd kicks and pull real hard after warms up.

Some scratches here n there and was lay down slowly on right side by previous owner nothing broken :).

Rear brake caliper is missing the pad n retainer so it's not functioning.

There are no Head light/ brake light/ signal light power hook up but the wire harness are there. So be cautious not to be ridden at night. I only use it on weekend to Glendora Mountain.

Gauge n tag r not working.

I have the right side mirror not picture, 1 extra front tire, 1 slick rear includes.

tag are just paid on Feb so u'r good to go!

NO TEST RIDE w/o cash on my hand!!! I know Priced at $2300 is sound crazy for this economic but hey this is enthusiastic, rarity n Street legal 2 stroker.

when was ur last time seeing one of this at bike hang out or on street? wtf is that?

* Location: PASADENA 626-695-9581


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