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2 weeks away and closing fast. I know cause my boy reminds me every day :icon_rolleyes:

Just a reminder for all those who did not make the season opener, the Tech Crew will be enforcing the catch can rule with NO EXCEPTIONS.

We had a few guys show up with out them, so make sure you have your system (Crankcase, Radiator, and Fuel) intact . This is for the safety of everyone on the track including your self and especially the kids:biggthumpup:.

Other things tech will be looking for are a safety wired oil drain and fill bolts and water or water wetter only in water cooled machines. No Antifreeze. The goal here being a clean dry track in the event of a crash.

If you are having trouble putting together a catch can system Scott Stump has some nice setups ready to go and can hook you up come track day, just get there early.

We will be running the Avenger course and it is a little faster and less technical. Slightly taller gearing than what the Liberator called for will get you on point.

Looking forward to seeing you all out there on the 19th!:D:D:D
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