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Rio Bravo MX, Houston Tx

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I talked to VMac from Rio Bravo MX today and not only did they build a pit bike track, they want to set up races too. I'll be out there this Sunday riding and discussing future race plans, so PLEASE come join us. It's not every day that we get a track built just for us, so I'm hoping this thread will generate support for their efforts.

Who's in?
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anyone been to 2bracing mx park (formerly southwest mx) in needville since it's opened? curious if the pee-wee track would worth riding.
[/COLOR]I've yet to see any pictures of the "pee wee" track.
where's everyone riding this weekend and when?
The rio pitbike race has been rescheduled for july 13th sign up from 10am-12pm. Practice at 12. Classes are:
12" open pro
12" open 12 plus
12" 7-11 yr old
12" beginner
10" open pro
10" open 12 plus
10" 7-11 yr old
10 beginner
50cc air coiled 4-6
150cc air cooled open
1 - 7 of 61 Posts
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