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Rio Bravo MX, Houston Tx

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I talked to VMac from Rio Bravo MX today and not only did they build a pit bike track, they want to set up races too. I'll be out there this Sunday riding and discussing future race plans, so PLEASE come join us. It's not every day that we get a track built just for us, so I'm hoping this thread will generate support for their efforts.

Who's in?
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Im headed to Houston for xmas. Does anyone know their xmas schedule?
I did no answer or u cant leave a message. When people say vmac is that Vernon McKiddie?
Will be at Rio hopefully SX weekend
Will be there Sunday if it dosent rain
I bought me and my sons membership and rsvp Sunday. Where do u live at. Im coming from Lafayette, LA.. If u ride there at least 3 times a year it pays. A day pass is 30
Hey guys. Me and my son just bought a year membership. We were down sx weekend. We will be there in 2 weeks to ride all weekend pbs only. The night track looks fun as hell. I have a 160 in mine so tight jump tracks aren't fun. I want to open it up and go big. Text me at 337-258-7808 Nick to set up a ride day. I have at least 2 riders.
They are racing this weekend. Pitbike
1 - 7 of 61 Posts
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