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Rio Bravo MX, Houston Tx

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I talked to VMac from Rio Bravo MX today and not only did they build a pit bike track, they want to set up races too. I'll be out there this Sunday riding and discussing future race plans, so PLEASE come join us. It's not every day that we get a track built just for us, so I'm hoping this thread will generate support for their efforts.

Who's in?
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My wife and I are in. (Hope you guys are not afraid of getting slammed by a girl lol.) We rode the track last weekend. Super fun track. We had 4 of us going at the same time, had a blast. cant wait to get a big group together and slam bars.
We have stock motors. know a couple people with 143's. I'm sure we will be getting 143's real soon.
Just picked this one up this weekend for $1400. The guy gave me a bunch of extra parts to, including the stand. What ya'll think of the graphics? Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Supermoto
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Yeah man i'm always down to ride. I live over here in the Beaumont area. I am headed to Rio sunday to ride 110's. I know my buddy Drew and Vernon will be out there. Hopefully a couple other people. I think Vernon is gonna reface the mmsx track, and he refaced the peewee track last week, so its pretty fun. Hit me up if anyone wants to ride 409-988-8975.
I had not thought about it. Guess that's something i will have to look in to.
Yeah for sure! The more people the better.
I have not. They have a facebook page or pics online of it maybe?
Man I wanted that bike but dont have the money. I like the crf graphics
The guy gave me two sets of those plastics and graphics. He had them made through Decal Works.
Gonna be out at Rio Houston sx weekend. (next weekend) the peewee track was good last weekend and the mini moto sx track was awesome. The changes Vernon did were very cool, made the track longer and a little tougher in some spots but very very fun. If you have not seen the track check out Drew McMillan or Vernon Mckiddie facebook pages there are a couple phone videos on there. Hope to see all you guys out there. Pray the rain holds off!
Dont know if any of you guys have seen the Rio Pitbike track in the back woods lately but its pretty sweet new lay out. Has a bit of a mx feel and sx feel. I have not rode it but I checked it out this pass weekend. Still deciding if im going to part out my mod or put it all back together lol
Rode it yesterday its pretty fun. One section you gotta go for it.
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