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Well ive noticed there are 12" and 10".... Would it be good to put 12" front and back or mix match them?
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If ya got the coin to spend go 12" on the front and 10" on the rear. Should handle better.
from what eveyone has said go with the 12 inch front and 10 inch rear, i'm ordering my 12 inch front and 10 inch rear in about a month, i cant wait 8O
The 12inch front improves handling greatly. I don't know if it would work well for someone that does a lot of BMX, but for mx it is the only way to go. You can go through (deep, rough, loamy) dirt, or even sand with less problems.
hmmmm.... sand.......

now that my motor can push third w/o in the river i might think aboot one.

hey how much would a spoke kit cost for a 12"? are there any non-h.d. for cheaper?
Ya i wont replace the rims untill i bend the stock ones... Could i run 12" in front and back cuase it would look cooler and more banaced
I don't think you are able to run a 12" rim with a stock swingarm so with that you'd need a new swingarm. Also if you have a stock motor, you'd need to do some upgrading as with the bigger wheel say good bye to all your low end.

Thats my 2 cents on that matter.
- Yep a 12 won't fit in a stock arm .

- To compensate for the extra 2" a gearing change might be needed to regain the low end or you may like it as is .

- Ride it before doing any gearing changes and then make the changes to suit your riding style :wink:
Well since u guys said all of that i will run 10" all the way around probably cuase i dun want the front end up in the air
Get the 12 ! Yes it will raise it up but will make the steering less twitchy . If you have stock rear suspension to level it out better you can go with either an after market shox or a cheaper way out is to get a stock shox extender that screws on to it . I think i saw it on ???
get a swingarm and a shock before a 12"
o0o0o ya im getting the romic shock next week but im not gonna replace them unless they brake.. I was just wondering.... hopefully they dont brake for a while cuase i wanna get the swing arm too...not gonna replace that unless it bends too :wink:
Good luck bending the swingarm, that wont be to easy. But a extended swingarm makes your bike ride soooooooooooo much smoother. I just put a Foes on mine and cant beleive how much more plush the suspension is, actually seems like it really works now. I am also running a 12" up front and would never go back to a 10" front, it helps out on stability doing pretty much anything. Allows for much imporved cornering, and unless you are riding anything other than pretty much hardpacked clay, the 12" makes keeping the bike under control to the face of a jump easier and you can concentrate more on jumping, instead of trying to keep the bike striaght.
hey umm u runing a 10" in the back? i would like to run 12" all the way around but how hard is it to regeer it or wat ever i have to do?
Im running a 10" in the rear. To run a 12" in the rear, like the others were saying you will need a extended swingarm, and depending on what gearing you are running now and would probably want to start with dropping a tooth on the front sprocket.
- Or go up in the rear which is less of a strain on the chain and trans bearings and such .

- Plus , rear ones can also can be done in smaller increments for precise gearing adjustments :wink:

- Obviously fronts are cheaper .
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