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cyclerider57 said:
What if he laced them himself or had a friend do it. Maybe they are REAL mechanics. I laced mine. I am a REAL mechanic.

alright condition, the anodizing is faded a lil and has a couple scratches, with stock tires and tubes, tires are OK tread in front

Come on. Right there you said they are not the greatest. Remember that we are talking off road bike parts. They NEVER keep their value very well. $350 seems a little steep is all I'm saying. If you can get that for them then good job.

yep i sure did lace them myself....if you have a brain and two are more than likely capable of lacing them urself. as far as truing i personally dont have a blancer or i would have....take it to a bike shop and they will do it for 20 bucks or so. i took mine in and said hey..let me use that balancer...ill give you 10 bucks. and bam i got me a balanced set of rims.

and 50 mafia just because i have rims doesnt mean i cant buy more. they arent going to be for me. i dont want fadded rims. they r for a friend on a huge budget. and these being fadded, are budget rims. i paid less for, BRAND NEW rims w/spokes and used hubs, then your asking for used rims and spokes, fadded rims and used hubs. something is wrong there.

looks like you got 200 offered.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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