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riding gear!?!?!?

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okay guys i need riding gear helmets dunno size yet pants size 28-30 jersey small-med and if anyone has a leatt brace size small i would tak that off your hands as well thanks
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how much you lookin to spend on a leatt brace?? i got 2 sets of 08 alpha answer gear haha the jerseys got my name on it thouhg. right size!! also got 2 sets of 08 thor a/c and core gear but there 28 pant small jersy.
can your name be taken off? like if i peel it or is it like stuck and i think a small jersey will be too small and idk about the leatt brace maybe around like 200 used or something or around there i need a small
texas822 said:
You can get the leatt adventure new for under $200


i have been reading about it will it be just as good as the gpx?
Remember you get for what you paid... Id spend the extra $300.
yeah i know...well if i can get a deal on a used gpx that will be sick

cause cant reall just go drop $400
where i cant seem to find any ive tried craigslist ebay and a local site and nothing
Im preaty shure on here but i could be wrong...
ight well im gonna look and if you see any just let me know thanks
umm idkk if it will come off i havent tryed ahahah. the leatt is a small its the gpx club ill see if i can sell it for around 200...i need a bigger one.

how tall are you>? the small jerseys still fit me and im 5'8
im definatly not 5'8 ha im like 5'4 around there ill try the small jersey how much you wan for them and im getting x-mas money and i might take the leatt brace off ya
yes i have some thor baggy pants that unzip at knees to turn into shorts they are black mostly white and red they look new worn 1 time med jersey 32 pants 50 dollars let me know if interested thanks
I have literally thor gear with 2 rides on them, my nephew only rode a couple times and quit, He's 5'6" 140 pounds, Thor pants grey red pattern matching jersey, knee guards, black thor boots, gloves, and red patterned helmet, gear bag, scott goggles, chest protector, all of this is a 9 out of 10, the boots look like they were only stood on for 10 minutes on the pegs, He's asking I think 300 bucks, let me know if interested, I can send pics, the pants have absolutely no damage or marks. let me know if you want info.
i may buy helmet chest protector and pants jersey..... pics?
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