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I finally got to do an honest ride on the thing on wed. before it was just breaking in the engine and dodging snow, the track was too wet to ride w/o digging it up. Stock bike by the way, just 1000lb spring and 20wt in the forks

Engine: Yeah, the top end is like you've heard on the GPX. It's going to benefit from the BVH when it comes. Mid range is good and solid and the low end really impressed me for tractoring up hills. For anyone looking for just a general trail/yard bike I'd keep the stock head and carb.(maybe a cam?)

Suspension: I haven't played with the setting much yet, but it felt good. I didn't hit any big jumps and I usually don't. This is the first time the suspension has really gotten a good run through so things got better the longer I rode. It soaked up more than I would've guessed.

Handling: It's a little twitchy like I've heard, but bottom line: it turns well. It really felt like there was more handling to come with suspension settings, but no complaints. I can see now that the straight peg mount would lower the center of gravity a little, I could feel it when standing and a little when sitting.

Reliability: Starts nice. It's new, it better not be broken yet.

There were a few people there, and the things got lots of comments. Some groans about "Oh, a china bike" but a lot of comments from people changing their minds about these things. I also found out my friend just bought a TTR125... I'm smelling blood. :)
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