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Hey, what's up..found this site..**** who knows how.'s Justin, ride big bikes..and Bmx modifying my minitruck, and I.picked up a XR50 a while back..sold my Cr125..just didn't have time to take it out with going to school and other **** in life..even though I live 10 minutes from Carniege...go figure?;)

The 50 has been fun so it for a measly $550...with a Tagk 88 kit, BBR rev box, Fast 50 clamp + bars + throttle, Fast50s pegs, Fast50 pipe...and some other small stuff.

It rips and hauls my 6ft 1" ass around no problem..3rd gear wheelies all day lol..but I wanna start spinnin the tire off the I have a reason to drill for a rimlock...gonna upgrade the motor some more soon when I save my pennies...going to school ain't cheap ahaha, especially if you drive 100 miles round trip a

Here's my 50

I'm out to ride at 12:30 am!




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