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replacing stock legs

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i bought some new stock legs. just wondering how do i take old ones off and put new ones on?
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i cannot read that.. im on a ps3. my comp doesnt work
smidge said:
i cannot read that.. im on a ps3. my comp doesnt work

Take the 2 bolts out at the top of your bar clamp that goes to your forks.

Pull the dust caps off the bottom of your forks and remove the c clips.

Pull out the stock legs.

Knock out the pins that hold them to the springs.

Replace old ones for new ones and put back together the way they came apart.

Super easy to do, should only take 15-20 minutes...
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hahahah took me a few hours one time hahahah
Me too, but there was alot of smoke in the way....:p
where are the c clips and how do i remove them??
pull down the black dust caps then look up into the forks, ull c them. one on each side. I used a t handle allen wrench to knock out the pins. Also the holes from ur new legs might not line up with the existing holes but I have done a few sets and havent had a prob. but u may have to drill ur own hole to make it work.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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