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replacement fmf 4.1 endcaps?

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Is there a way i could get a new or slightly used but not dented endcap for my 4.1? I was a little drunk a couple months ago and thought it was a good idea to go cruise the streets on the 110, then i thought it was an even better idea to push my luck and show off for nobody by doin some long wheelies, then the imaginary crowd was gettin louder and i thought it to be a wonderful idea to shift into third with my auto clutch... needless to say after that i was glad the crowd was imaginary. But yea i dinged up the 2 week old exhaust doin that, so replacing that endcap would be cool if its possible.
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You can buy them from FMF. There aren't too many just floating around unless you find someone with a smashed up system that didn't dent the endcap.
Yea, i figured i probably wasnt going to find a used one on here. But knowing that they are available from fmf is nice.
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